Who Are We

Who Are We

Wisetek are leaders in IT asset disposal (ITAD), reuse and data destruction services worldwide. Wisetek strive to provide world class services to achieve maximum financial return from advanced reuse, remanufacturing, remarketing and recycling of retired IT equipment. Our processes enable clients to be legally and ethically responsible for their IT asset disposal and data destruction services, giving them environmental responsibility for their redundant IT equipment.

Our services reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with securely managing IT assets and consumer electronics throughout their lifecycle in compliance with environmental and data security regulations.

How Are We Different

The quick answer would simply be … our customers.

Wisetek’s core competencies are based on managing global customer equipment return programs on behalf of world leading IT manufacturers. Rather than delivering a conventional IT asset disposition (ITAD) service, we deliver our innovative Reuse+ processing capabilities. This approach delivers a magnitude of higher financial and operational value to our clients.

Operating from state of the art re-manufacturing facilities, Wisetek subjects all received equipment to an advanced continuous flow Lean Sigma based processing environment. All material processing is controlled by the Wisetek developed WisERP system. The process includes; component level scanning to reconcile the inbound logistics chain of custody, precision dismantling and component disposition routing. With Reuse+ being the Wisetek priority, all components that have either internal client or market demand are subjected to rigorous quality testing before progressing into inventory. Any components deemed faulty or found to have no further demand are recycled to the highest certified standards. Wisetek also remanufactures rack based IT infrastructure systems to deliver low cost hardware options.

Other Wisetek innovations include major investments in award winning systems to enhance our complete end-to-end service delivery. The broad range of services includes; physical auditing and efficiency analysis of IT assets, decommissioning of equipment, data destruction of disk drives and tapes, managing return logistics and providing comprehensive environmental reporting to meet our clients CSR obligations.

Simply, Wisetek has effectively disrupted the traditional ITAD industry by expanding our innovative Reuse+ and used IT managed services capabilities. Wisetek’s Reuse+ delivers greater financial, operational and CSR performance.

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