Corporate Initiatives

Corporate Initiatives

Environmental Week

Environmental week is an annual event within Wisetek that aims to encourage employees to take part in environmental activities, both as teams and as individuals. This week focuses on the theme of “Waste Not, Want Not”, with all of our staff taking part in activities and projects that reused materials that would otherwise be considered waste. Our wood pallets are turned into wonderful nest boxes for our symbol, the Owl, as well as the construction of sheds for local community projects. We also raise awareness of ways to cut down on unnecessary waste in our day to day habits.

Employee WEEE Days

Employee WEEE Days are a service that Wisetek offer to our employees which enables them to bring in their electronic waste and it will be responsibly disposed of, free of charge. The service covers “anything with a plug”, with examples including televisions, hairdryers, old PC’s, and radios. These employee days are held on a semi regular basis, ensuring that all employee e-waste is responsibly recycled.


Carpentry Challenge

The Wisetek Carpentry Challenge was a corporate initiative which encouraged Wisetek employees to work as teams to create something functional out of our wooden pallets. The results were fantastic, with many employees creating high quality furniture, and one team who created a fully functional go-kart.

Recycling Innovations

At Wisetek, we truly commit to our zero landfill policy, and are always searching for innovative methods of recycling for items that would otherwise be considered waste. When we receive shipments of products in our processing centers, there is often excess packaging which needs to be disposed of responsibly, and we make it a priority to do so in the most innovative and useful way possible.

An example of a current recycling innovation within Wisetek is the conversion of flame proof packaging foam, which cannot be recycled conventionally, into the filling for bean bag chairs. This filling is then given to a Cork based company, Sofa Sac, for use in their foam filled products.

Deng Forest Community Thailand

The Deng Forest Community live in Kaeng Krachan National Park in Thailand, which is outside the current reach of the national electricity grid.

The Deng Community installed solar panels in order to create an electricity source that powers their lighting, water pumps and essential electrical appliances, such as refrigerators for storing perishable food.

The deep cell batteries required to store the solar generated electricity for use at night were prohibitively expensive for the 20 households in this community.

The Thai Ministry for Energy calculated that this community required 350 batteries in order to effectively run their village.

Wisetek, a Global leader in electronics reuse, gladly donated 400 batteries to the community, in co-operation with the Thai Ministry for Energy and the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT),

Wisetek CEO Sean Sheehan and members of the Wisetek Thailand team, in conjunction with representatives from the Thai Ministry for Energy and the IEAT, visited the Deng Forest Community to present the batteries.

Wisetek gave presents to the local children and the community greeted the visiting party with samples of their local delicacies and the local children performed a traditional dance for the group.

When the donated batteries are no longer in use, the community will return them to Wisetek for responsible recycling.

Community Garden Project

Wisetek continuously strive to find innovative uses for waste products.

In order to put the compost waste from our employee canteens to use, Wisetek are turning it into high quality topsoil.

Converted pallets will be used as planters to start a Wisetek community garden. This garden will be planted with flowers and trees by Wisetek employees. The garden also holds several picnic benches, which are used by staff during break times.

Free topsoil has also been made available to employees for use at home.