IT@Cork Leaders Awards 2015

On Thursday October 15th 2015, Wisetek’s TotalRMA team won IT Project of the Year 2015 at the it@cork Leaders Awards.

The IT@Cork Leader’s Awards is an annual event recognising the leading companies in Cork’s IT community. From global multinationals to schools and start-ups, the awards recognise those who have gone further than most in the use of technology in their respective organisations and businesses.

This event saw the leaders of Cork’s IT industry gather at the fabulous surroundings of the Fota Island Resort to celebrate the best and brightest of the region’s growing IT sector. This black tie event showcased the best companies, initiatives and individuals that are helping to make the IT sector in the Cork region one of the fastest growing sectors in Ireland.

About TotalRMA

This innovative service provides IT equipment vendors with a comprehensive services model that ensures all returning materials are analysed, valued, collected, reconciled and processed efficiently at optimal cost. This maximizes the overall corporate value that can possibly be realised from returning products and parts.

A key aspect of this project was the development of a secure web portal. This innovative web portal system underpins the effectiveness of Wisetek’s Returns Management Services. Extensive market research highlighted the need for simplified interactions between the logistics and administration functions and the equipment vendor’s field based organizations; i.e. Sales, Customer Engineering, Project Managers etc. to best organise product and parts returns processes.

This easy to use and highly secure online system enables authorised field based personnel to register on the system to provide the RMA Administration Team with returning product details. This is simplified through the use of specifically designed product menus.

All collection details for logistics planning are also captured directly from the VCE field teams. Likewise, the RMA Administration Team can effectively communicate their instructions directly to the field.

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