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Devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones keep us connected to the world around us and enable us to perform tasks with greater ease and efficiency. However, IT devices also store vast amounts of data, including confidential information. This makes secure IT asset disposal a challenge since both the assets and the data they contain should also be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. The rapid pace at which technology advances means that devices are being deployed to perform more tasks, in-turn, collect more data on users.

Companies need someone they can trust to ensure that this data is destroyed when the device reaches the end of its lifecycle. Wisetek is an expert in the field of data destruction and offers industry-leading know-how and can help any company with the secure destruction of data and maximising the financial potential of retired IT assets.

Why Work with Wisetek?

  • Flexible Pricing

    Flexible Pricing

    Wisetek understands that every company is unique and that no two IT environments are the same. In response to this, Wisetek offers tailormade pricing solutions that can meet the needs of a diverse range of companies and industries.  

  • Reliable & Trustworthy icon

    Reliable & Trustworthy

    Wisetek are proudly compliant and fully certified with international organisations such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, R2, e-Stewards, Weelabex, DLA Logistics Information Server, and Wisetek Sustainable EARTH. 

  • Wide Geographical Coverage icon

    Wide Geographical Coverage

    Wisetek’s large global footprint means you can rely on us to provide fast and effective service. We have extensive coverage throughout the UK and EU through our strategically located facilities.  

  • Unlocking Value icon

    Unlock the Full Value of your IT Hardware

    IT hardware is an expensive asset, and the maximum possible value must be realised from every device. Wisetek understands this and offers access to a global re-marketing network so that you can get the highest possible ROI from your IT assets.

  • Zero-Landfill Policy icon

    Zero-Landfill Policy

    When choosing Wisetek’s data shredding services, you can be sure that your data is destroyed but the environment is not. Wisetek rigorously employs a zero-landfill policy in everything we do, and we are e-steward certified recyclers. 

  • One-Stop Service Offering icon

    One-Stop Service Offering

    Security matters when it comes to computer recycling. With Wisetek, you can entrust all of your IT disposal services needs to one company. This reduces the risk of data breaches and simplifies the entire process from start to finish because, unless necessary, there are no third parties involved during the destruction and recycling process. 

Experts In

Our Complete Computer Recycling Services

IT Security

ITAD is about much more than just destroying unwanted and outdated IT equipment. With stringent data protection regulations like the GDPR, the responsible disposal of data is a must for every company. By engaging a professional IT asset disposal company to take care of your computer recycling needs, you can ensure that your data remains secure. In addition, this also ensures that your company remains compliant with the GDPR and similar regulations.

IT Security

Certified Recycling Services

Ensuring that data is destroyed by a certified data destruction service provider like Wisetek is essential. By using a certified service provider, you are ensured that the data will be destroyed per the latest local and international laws and regulations. When it comes to computer recycling in the UK, Wisetek is the local specialist.

Certified Recycling Services

Data Center Services

As the switch from local data centers to cloud-based services continues in full swing, the need for data center decommissioning services is also on the increase. As a certified data destruction service provider, Wisetek specialises in data center decommissioning and can assist you from the planning phase to the asset re-marketing phase. Wisetek employs the latest technology and methods during the data destruction process to ensure that your data center decommissioning process goes off without a hitch or a leak.

Data Center Services

Worldwide Partnerships and Coverage

Wisetek brings international hard drive destruction expertise to you, wherever you may be located. Through select partnerships and strategically located Wisetek facilities in the UK, Ireland, and the EU, Wisetek is the world’s local IT asset disposition service. Our global footprint allows us to remain up-to-date with the latest data destruction regulations and technologies. This gives our customers the peace of mind of knowing that their data destruction project will be executed to the highest standards.

Worldwide Partnerships and Coverage

On and Offsite Computer Recycling

Wisetek offers flexible on- and off-site destructive recycling services. Our secure mobile data destruction rigs are built to meet NSA standards and allow us to destroy hard drives in your parking lot so that you can witness the destruction process first hand. Wisetek also provides full video evidence when we carry out HDD and data destruction off-site so you always know exactly what happens to your data.

On and Offsite Computer Recycling

Remote IT

Wisetek can help you manage the IT assets that your remote employees use. We offer a full suite of remote IT services that include hardware collection, deployment and maintenance. Wisetek is the perfect partner to manage the deployment of IT assets to remote workers, whether on an individual basis or as a batch consignment.

Remote IT

How are Computers Recycled?

Computer recycling requires a step-by-step process. Computers are made up of a variety of materials that include metal, plastic, hazardous materials, and precious metals. To get the highest possible ROI from retired IT devices, Wisetek makes use of the latest in electronic device recycling technology. The main steps involved in the computer recycling process include:

Receiving & Basic Preparations

During this phase, the raw materials are received from the client and weighed. Weight is the unit of reporting that is used most widely in the industry. Obvious hazardous materials such as batteries are also removed at this stage. If required by the client, raw materials can also be sorted to facilitate detailed reporting.

Manual Hazardous Item Removal

This part of the computer recycling process involves the most manual work. This is done to ensure that all hazardous and environmentally unfriendly materials are removed from equipment before it is sent further down the production line. Materials earmarked for removal include batteries, toner and ink, and items that contain mercury or lead such as scanner bulbs and cathode ray tubes. These items are disposed of in an environmentally sustainable way.

Material Shredding

The next stage of the journey is where the equipment is fed through a shredder. The shredder reduces the material into large pieces of about 2” to 6” in size. The shredded material is made up of everything except the hazardous materials that were removed earlier. After passing through the shredder, the mixed materials need to be sorted by type for further processing.

Material Sorting

The first step in the sorting process is separating metal components from other components. This is done by passing the shredded material under a powerful magnet that catches metals. Next, the remaining materials like aluminium, glass, and circuit boards are removed before an advanced plastic separation system is used to separate different plastic types from each other. This process ensures that the plastic stream is as pure as possible.

Collection and Distribution of Materials

The last step in the recycling process is to collect each different commodity type and weigh the recycled material. This weight is used in a variety of reports and ensures the highest possible return on investment. Recycled and sorted materials can now be sold on for re-use in the production process of new IT equipment.

This step-by-step recycling system gives the best possible results in terms of data destruction, return on IT asset investment, and environmental protection.

Why is it Important to Recycle Old Computer Parts?

Reduced Impact

Environmental Challenge

E-waste is quickly becoming one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time, with the UK recorded to have produced 23.9kg per capita of E-waste in 2020 alone. Therefore, it is important that we do everything that we can to minimise the impact of electronic waste on the environment and promote computer recycling.

Reduced Impact

Reduced Impact

Many of the parts that are used to manufacture computers can be recycled and used to produce new IT devices. While there is still an impact on the environment, using recycled parts instead of virgin materials when manufacturing computers is much more environmentally friendly.  

Cleaner Water

Cleaner Water

Another important consideration is the hazardous materials that electronic devices contain. Amongst others, these substances include mercury and lead which are toxic to humans, animals, and plants. When proper recycling techniques are not used, these substances can leach into the ground and ultimately pollute groundwater sources. 

Safer Landfills

Safer Landfills

Landfills are not exactly picturesque, but the reality is that many people earn a living by scavenging them for anything of value. Children also often play on and around landfills in poor countries. Computers that are disposed of in landfills can cause harm to these people because of the toxic components they contain. This problem can be avoided by recycling devices and preventing them from ending up in landfills.

Improved ROI

Improved ROI

It is also important to remember that IT recycling offers a way for companies to recuperate some of the funds that they invested in expensive IT equipment. IT equipment can be recycled or sold to other users to realise the highest possible ROI. 

Good Ethics

Good Ethics

From an ethical standpoint, recycling is the only correct way to dispose of retired IT devices. Wisetek ensures that your old IT equipment is disposed of in an ethically correct manner so that you can do business in the knowledge that you are not damaging the environment with e-waste. 

Certified Recycling Service

If you want to be sure that your IT assets are recycled according to the latest standards and legal requirements, choose a company that provides certified recycling services. Wisetek is eStewards certified and the protection of the environment is considered in everything that we do, including the other services that we offer:

IT Asset Audit & Removal

Wisetek employs a systematic approach to securely remove decommissioned IT assets. Through the availability of chain of custody records and asset tracking from removal to remarketing, customers always know where there IT assets are.

Data Sanitation Services

Wisetek offers a full range of on- and off-site data destruction services. Data can be destroyed by shredding the storage medium or by securely erasing the data. The appropriate method is determined based on the sensitivity of the data and evidence of the destruction process can always be provided in video format.

Worldwide Asset Re-Marketing

Wisetek uses its global footprint to help customers realise the maximum ROI from their retired IT assets. Through a worldwide network of experienced sellers, backed by the ability to view the entire Wisetek inventory, we can re-sell your retired IT hardware on wholesale and broker markets at the best possible price.

ReturnTEK End User Management Portal

Wisetek’s ReturnTEK customer facing portal puts the customer in complete control of the entire data destruction and equipment recycling process. Clients can access real-time asset tracking tools and view data relating to the recycling process via the ReturnTEK portal which makes the interaction between Wisetek and customers a smoother experience.

Computer Recycling FAQs

What is Computer Recycling?

Recycling a computer might sound like a simple task, but it can become quite complicated, especially in large organisations with many different IT assets. In the simplest sense, computer recycling refers to the process of extracting parts that can be re-used from retired IT assets. However, these IT assets may contain valuable data, which must be destroyed with an approved data erasure method.

What to look for in a Computer Recycling Company?

Experience – opt for a recycling company that has experience in both local and international markets.

Security – data can often be of a sensitive nature; therefore, it is important that a computer recycling company observes strict security protocols and procedures.

Communication – choose a recycling company that keeps customers informed during every step of the data destruction and recycling process.

Circular Economy Principle – choose a company that protects your investment by offering re-marketing services with a higher ROI

How can an old computer be recycled?

Computers and other IT assets can be recycled at specialist recycling companies that offer secure IT asset disposal and hard drive destruction. Wisetek is a one-stop service provider for all your IT disposition needs

Where to take old computers for recycling?

Specialist IT asset recyclers can provide the necessary services to recycle old computers ethically and environmentally friendly. Wisetek provides both on- and off-site recycling services meaning that they can come to you and perform the recycling procedure on your premises.

Contact Wisetek today if you are looking for the most convenient way to recycle your old computers.

How are computers recycled?

Computer recycling is achieved by dismantling the devices and separating hazardous parts like batteries from re-usable parts like metal. The non-hazardous parts are usually shredded and then sorted by material type. These shredded materials are then repurposed or used to manufacture new computers. It is important to note that most countries have stringent laws that govern the recycling process.

How does Wisetek Recycle Computers?

As an eStewards certified recycler, Wisetek employs the latest technology in its recycling process. In addition to destructive recycling, Wisetek employs the circular economy principle whenever possible. Wisetek’s global footprint makes it easier to remarket products and realise the highest possible ROI for retired IT assets.

Why is it important to recycle old computer parts?

Since computers often contain sensitive data and hazardous materials, they cannot be simply dropped off at the landfill when they have reached the end of their useful life. By recycling old computer parts sensitive data remains secure and environmental pollution is reduced.

How do I clear my computer before recycling?

When it is important to be sure that all your sensitive data has been destroyed, you need to use a company that provides advanced reporting during every stage of the computer recycling process. With Wisetek DataDEAD, the customer is always in control and can monitor the device or data destruction process in real-time via a customer porta

How much of a computer can be recycled?

Almost all of the components that make up a computer can be recycled or re-purposed. Wisetek employs a zero-landfill policy to ensure that no harmful components end up on landfills where they can damage the environment or pose a risk to humans. By following this principle, data can be disposed of both securely and environmentally friendly.

How to recycle a computer hard drive?

Computer hard drives can be recycled in a variety of ways. The best solution depends on the type of storage medium. Wisetek offers a variety of data destruction options such as physical destruction, degaussing, and data shredding.

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