Recover and Redeployment Service


With staff assigned to work remotely until further notice, IT, Financial and HR departments are spending valuable time recovering and redeploying IT equipment to and from employees working remotely; we have formulated a cost and time effective solution for collecting IT equipment from home addresses that is fast and secure and has additional service options.


RECOVERY – Do you need to recover and re-deploy IT equipment from employees working from home or remotely?


We will arrange to arrive at an agreed address and recover the IT assets. The assets will be put in a hard transport box, padded appropriately and returned to our facility. On receipt we will review, clean and catalog each device and report back to you the make, model and serial numbers of the items that were collected.  The items will then be stored securely and put into stock ready for further re-deployment instructions.




Hardware Audit –Capturing: make, model, serial number, asset tag, cosmetic grade and any visual issues that may need to be resolved (missing keys, cracked screens etc)


Test Audit – Functionality test and report back hardware configuration and any faults with Screens, Hard Drives, Ram, CPU, Battery.


Data Erasure – HDDs will be wiped ready for re-use using Blancco Wiping Software. A certificate of Erasure will be issued. Data storage that fail the wiping process due to bad sectors will be physically destroyed by shredding and a Certificate of Destruction will be issued.


Re-Imaging – The device will be re-imaged with a corporate image or a base windows image as requested. We can use OneDrive, USB pen or secure upload for image transfer.


Warranty Repairs – We will manage the under-warranty repair with the Manufacturer and advise when the item has been successfully repaired and put back into stock ready for redeployment.


Out of Warranty Repairs – Devices that are faulty and out of under warranty will be assessed for cost of repair to bring back to grade B standard ready for redeployment.


Disposition – Devices that are not required for stock or redeployment can be re-marketed or recycled  


Redeployment – All devices will be placed into stock ready for redeployment and can be called off individually or as a consignment – New assets can be applied on recovered devices or new stock


Just Call – We’ll Do The Rest!


IT Asset Recovery SolutionsYou can outsource your recovery and redeployment activity to us. We can hold a limited number of stock items and be ready to re-image and redeploy. Therefore if an employee needs hardware replacement, you can select the replacement item from stock, we can load the desired image onto the replacement and send a courier to the home address, deliver the replacement item and at the same time collect the item (s) to be replaced from the employee.  The replaced item can be assessed and we can carry out the services on your instruction.



Ireland/UK: Tel +353 21 455 6920