Data Destruction

Data Destruction

Wisetek DataKillers provide on-site data destruction services, operating with an internationally deployed fleet of specialized trucks for securely destroying SSD, HDD disks and data tapes.

As part of Wisetek’s worldwide data destruction services, we deliver a consistent standard enabling our customers to manage all operations securely and retain all records centrally.

The global DataKillers™ on-site data storage devices shredding service provides customer organizations with the added assurance that the evidential destruction of all data carrying devices can be retained for future audit and security tracking purposes.


Wisetek’s DataDEAD™ system has evidentially recorded the erasure and/or destruction of more than 6 million disk drives.

An increasing number of government regulations, industry standards and internal risk mitigation policies require organizations to ensure data has been destroyed or fully erased from its storage media prior to disposal or reuse.

In order to ensure secure of custody, we have deployed an advanced monitoring system to our mobile units. Each drive is scanned and reconciled against the customer provided drive list before destruction. This reconciliation process also ensures that only the correct data carrying device is shredded as the shredder can only accept ‘matched’ serial numbers.

Likewise, for disk erasure, the serial numbers are matched against the customer list, prior to processing.

The DataDEAD™ system allows customers to securely retrieve either a certificate of erasure or an evidential video file of the device destruction. Each record will include a date and time stamp while also searchable using the customer’s unique batch reference or device serial number. Additionally, our fleet of trucks are equipped to accommodate the secure transportation of the residual e-waste from the customer’s site.