Manufacturers & Data Centres

Manufacturers & Data Centres

Wisetek provides a range of comprehensive services to support major IT manufacturing clients. The core of these services is to generate maximum financial and operational value from retired equipment.

Through this key corporate discipline and environmental obligation, Wisetek has developed a wide range of managed services to simplify all customer returned equipment operations, whilst generating maximum financial values.


Wisetek Services for Data Centers

Wisetek is a global provider of data center services for the management of used IT equipment. These services include global control of onsite data destruction, equipment collections, reuse processing for internal reuse or for external remarketing and recycling to the highest environmental standards.

Our pedigree is providing comprehensive services for managing used IT hardware for major IT manufacturers. The same advanced recovery for reuse capabilities are proving equally economically valuable within the global data center industry.

Both industries face similar challenges in managing the exponential growth in IT infrastructure due to rapidly changing technology cycles and the critical business requirement to minimize supply chain expenditures.

Wisetek’s Reuse+ capability minimizes procurement expenditures on spares inventories, system upgrades and remanufacturing systems through a combination of used and new technology components.

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