What Is Left On Your Hard Drive?

Asset disposition is an unavoidable step in the IT lifecycle. As IT equipment becomes obsolete or loses its value over time, you need to make room for new, updated hardware. Getting rid of your computers and hard drives is easy but ensuring that the data stored on the devices is gone may not be so simple.

In the work environment, staff will store all kinds of information on their computers. This leaves hard drives to be an endless supply of information about your company and your staff. This will of course, attract data thieves. Many organizations have fallen victim to data breaches, some have been made famous examples so don’t let it happen to your organization.

Next time your organization is getting rid of old equipment, think about the most common data that is stored on hard drives:

While your equipment is still in use, make sure to have a strong security system in place. And when it is time to replace your old equipment, be sure to partner with a certified and reputable ITAD & data destruction company.

At Wisetek, data security is a primary concern and our range of services on offer can help you on your journey to full compliance.

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February 13th, 2018|Blog|