Wisetek Wins Dell EMC Innovation Project of the Year

Wisetek, global leader of used IT asset disposal (ITAD) & secure data destruction services has been awarded the Dell EMC Innovation Project of the Year for Controlled Disruption.


Wisetek’s VirtuRL™ program brought home the award for its transformative innovation of defective returns management. This ground-breaking solution improves the processing of IT returns from challenging global markets.

Sean Sheehan, Wisetek’s CEO states; “Reverse logistics face many challenges including restrictive export regions , language and communication barriers, high export costs, delayed transactions and the unnecessary movement of non-required material. VirtuRL is just one of the innovative digital solutions, created and managed by Wisetek enabling parts to be dispositioned remotely in third party sites while maintaining the high-quality standard, controls and inventory accuracy”.


By collaborating with existing logistics providers, this digital development accelerates receipt transactions and identifies required parts to be separated and routed directly to the appropriate destination. Wisetek’s VirtuRL™ system assures excess materials are responsibly recycled and controlled data sanitization is achieved. Not only this, but it reduces OEM clients inventory and logistics costs while accelerating spares availability and transaction close times.

Wisetek processes enable clients to be legally and ethically responsible for their IT asset disposal and data destruction services, giving them environmental responsibility for their retired IT equipment. This solution reduces export volumes and enhances CSR performance by lowering clients’ carbon footprint rating.

October 23rd, 2017|Awards and Recognition, News|