Wisetek provide the service to physically audit IT equipment at our client’s facilities in order to support IT optimization and transformation projects.

Wisetek personnel will perform a complete physical inventory of every site, around the globe, and prepare detailed reports. Our reporting suite can be tailored to meet specific client requirements including reconciliation to fixed asset registers, engineering systems and/or accounting system logs /reports etc.

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Wisetek’s ‘Destruction of Electronics Assurance Database’ can easily be deployed in any remote site with very little set up required.

The system assures physical destruction by the innovative use of video capturing equipment coupled with database technology and the strategic layout of the physical cell in which the materials are destroyed. Video evidence is stored and reviewed to ensure all necessary compliances are met.

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OEM Returns Management

Accelerating Sales Revenues & Growing Market Share

Total RMA™ provides IT equipment vendors with a comprehensive services model that ensures all returning materials are analyzed, valued, collected, reconciled and processed efficiently at optimal cost. This maximizes the overall corporate value that can possibly be realized from returning products and parts.

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VirtuRL™ is an in-house Wisetek technology solution that considerably reduces both logistics costs and the associated carbon footprint by changing the focus from moving information, rather than the unnecessary shipments of used electronic hardware from remote locations to a central processing site.

The VirtuRL™ system provides control, monitoring and evidentially record, the dismantling, the data sanitization processes and ensures that all material is appropriately streamed for either return to a central processing centre for reuse or prepared for either remarketing or recycling to comply with Wisetek standards and environmental regulations.

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