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The need for secure IT asset disposal services has grown significantly in recent times because of the increasingly large role that IT equipment plays in our daily lives. From the smartphones in our pockets to the laptops, tablets, and PCs that we use to get our work done, almost nothing is possible without the invisible IT assets that form the backbone of our digital lives. More devices mean more data, it is predicted that global data volumes will reach 180 zettabytes by 2025. This data must be disposed of in a secure and environmentally friendly manner. Wisetek customers trust us to ensure that their IT asset disposal needs are met in accordance with the highest local and international regulations on the disposal of IT equipment.

What is IT Asset Disposal?

IT asset disposal is a vital part of almost every business and is required for a variety of reasons. Given that technology advances so quickly, IT assets tend to have a relatively short life span and need frequent replacing. The problem is that IT assets cannot simply be removed and trucked off to the local tip since they contain sensitive data and substances that can be harmful to the environment. Many companies choose to make use of professional computer recycling service providers instead of burdening their internal IT departments with this time-consuming task.

The IT equipment recycling process consists of a few distinct phases, namely:

  • Removal of redundant equipment.
  • Sanitising of sensitive through data erasure or hard drive destruction.
  • Recycling or re-marketing of redundant IT assets. IT assets earmarked for recycling are broken down into their component parts and recycled in accordance with the principles adopted by eSteward certified recyclers.

Only 40% of Europe’s e-waste is being recycled with the rest ending up in landfills where it damages the environment and can potentially be harmful to human health. By using a certified IT disposal service like Wisetek, this problem can be reduced.

Secure IT Asset Disposal Services

Certified Equipment Destruction

There are times when assured data destruction is the only viable option. Wisetek’s portfolio of certified equipment destruction services are suitable when secure IT asset disposal is a must. Our international certifications include R2- Responsible Recycling, eStewards, ISO, and WEEELABEX. This gives our clients the peace of mind that their data will be destroyed completely. For extra reassurance, the data destruction process can be viewed in person or verified by video.

Certified Equipment Destruction

Data Center Services

Wisetek’s data center services make managing data centers an easy task. Our expertise covers every aspect of data center management, including hardware supply, data center migration, data centre decommissioning, and data destruction. Our all-inclusive data center and ITAD services take the stress out of data center management and allow your in-house IT department to focus on more important tasks. Our AudIT portal enables clients to access real-time reporting on critical issues such as resource utilisation, temperature, and cable connection tracing.

IT Asset Disposal Services

Worldwide Partnerships & Coverage

Wisetek is the trusted global leader in IT asset disposal, regardless of the location or the scale of the task. Our global footprint and access to a worldwide network of partners mean that we can provide our full suite of IT Asset Disposition services throughout Europe and the UK. Our expertise in worldwide IT asset remarketing gives our clients the ability to implement circular economy principles in their businesses and benefit from an increased ROI on retired IT assets.

IT Asset Disposal Services - Worldwide Partnerships & Coverage

Why Choose Wisetek for IT Asset Disposal?

  • Data Destruction Brought to You

    Fast and Efficient IT Asset Removal

    Wisetek provides end-to-end and secure data center decommissioning services with progress tracking via our online portal. Our fully-fledged IT asset audit and removal services help you to maximise financial returns and save time.

  • Nationwide Coverage

    Data Destruction Brought to You

    Our world-class IT asset disposal services are available both on- and off-site. With our mobile hard drive destruction rigs, we can securely shred your data in your parking lot while you witness the entire procedure.

  • Fully Internationally Certified Equipment Destruction

    Access To Global Remarketing Services

    Wisetek’s worldwide network of sellers helps our clients to maximise the ROI of retired assets. Our expert team can access the inventory at any time to remarket assets on a truly global scale.

  • Fully Internationally Certified Equipment Destruction

    Fully Internationally Certified Equipment Destruction

    When IT asset disposal is not possible via recycling, Wisetek’s certified recycling & certified data destruction service is on hand to help. Some of our certifications include R2, eStewards, ISO, and WEEELABEX.

  • Flexible Pricing For Different Needs

    Flexible Pricing For Different Needs

    Wisetek appreciates that every business is unique, and we offer unique pricing to match. Our flexible pricing model can be adapted to suit the needs of every business, irrespective of its size or complexity.

  • Trustworthy, Reliable and Completely Secure

    Trustworthy, Reliable and Completely Secure

    Everything that we do at Wisetek is geared towards making sure that the IT asset disposal process is as transparent and secure as possible. When choosing Wisetek, you can be sure of secure IT asset disposal.

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The Importance of Properly Disposing of IT Assets

We Take Circular Economy and Zero Landfill Policies Seriously

The protection of the environment is one of the most important considerations when disposing of retired IT assets. As a globally leading IT asset disposal company, we realise the importance of strictly adhering to safe IT asset disposal practices and international guidelines. IT assets should never end up in landfills because they contain several substances that are harmful and dangerous to the environment.

We help our clients to reach their corporate social responsibility and environmental goals by providing innovative IT asset disposal services. All our services have the protection of the environment at their heart. Through concepts like circular economy and IT asset repurposing or reselling, we minimise the impact that retired IT assets have on the environment.

Business growth relies on IT assets more than ever before but growth that doesn’t take environmental sustainability into account is ultimately unsustainable. By choosing Wisetek as your IT asset disposal partner, you ensure that environmental damage is kept to a minimum and your business operates in a sustainable way.

Environmentally Friendly IT Asset Disposal

  • Certified IT Asset Disposal

    Certified IT Asset Disposal

    In order to provide certified recycling services, an IT asset disposal service provider must demonstrate that it constantly meets environmental protection targets. Certified recyclers are continuously monitored and audited to ensure that they keep meeting these strict targets.

  • Global Tracking

    Stay Informed: Global Tracking

    Wisetek’s global inventory tracking system gives customers the peace of mind of knowing exactly where in the world recycled material is located. Wisetek only uses fully compliant and audited downstream service providers for material processing and reclamation. In addition, all Wisetek facilities are certified by internationally recognised bodies such as R2, eStewards, and WEELabex.

  • Leave No Trace Behind: Destructive Recycling

    Leave No Trace Behind: Destructive Recycling

    Although we try to employ circular economy principles whenever possible, we understand that in some cases destructive recycling is the best option. We provide a full suite of hard drive destruction services that assures complete data erasure and maximum security. Wisetek offers both on- and off-site destructive recycling with video evidence.

  • Have No Doubts: Environmental Reportin

    Have No Doubts: Environmental Reporting

    With Wisetek’s full environmental reporting customers always know exactly what happens during the IT asset disposal process. Our reports include comprehensive data on inbound items and the resultant commodities after completion of the certified data destruction process. This gives our customers reassurance regarding compliance with their and our environmental protection objectives.

  • Circular Economy: Zero Landfill Policy

    Circular Economy: Zero Landfill Policy

    Wisetek recognises that e-waste is a pertinent environmental problem and aims to enforce a zero-landfill policy when delivering data destruction services. We use the latest technologies to repurpose as much material as possible. In this way, we give our clients peace of mind and increase their ROI on retired IT assets through IT recycling.

IT Asset Disposal FAQ’s

Why is it Important to Properly Dispose of IT Assets?

Aside from the sensitive data housed in computer equipment, they also contain harmful substances. These substances must be properly processed to ensure that IT equipment does not damage nature and that sustainability goals are met.

What to Look for in an IT Asset Disposal Company?

Good IT asset disposal companies offer accountable, trustworthy, and secure data destruction that works around the client’s schedule and needs. At Wisetek we offer on- and off-site data destruction services that take the client’s needs into account at every step of the way.

Do you need 100% secure data destruction services? Contact Wisetek for on-site data destruction and total peace of mind.

How are IT Assets Disposed of?

Depending on the sensitivity of the data housed on the devices and the customer’s needs, IT assets can be disposed of via destructive recycling or re-marketing. The component parts of destroyed IT assets are usually recycled and re-marketed assets are sanitised before being sold on.

How does Wisetek Dispose of IT Assets?

At Wisetek, the circular economy model ( re-use and re-marketing ) is the preferred method for IT asset disposal. We also offer globally certified destructive recycling services and adhere to a strict zero-landfill policy in accordance with our eStewards certification.

Which is the Safest way to Dispose of IT assets?

IT asset disposal is best left to a professional service provider like Wisetek. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology to ensure the total destruction of data without endangering humans or nature.

Get in touch with Wisetek today to arrange the safe disposal of your redundant IT assets.

How can I ensure Proper Compliance When Disposing of IT Assets?

The best way of ensuring compliance is choosing your data destruction service provider wisely. Wisetek is globally certified and has the international and local know-how to ensure that you remain compliant with all the applicable data destruction and disposal regulations.

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