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No company ever wants to experience a data breach. Not only are they costly in financial terms, but a data breach can also be costly in reputational terms. A single data breach can easily undermine years of effort put into gaining the trust of customers. Therefore, certified data destruction services are critical for every modern business.

Wisetek specialises in total data destruction and employs the latest industry standards to ensure that confidential data remains confidential. The entire process is approached with full transparency and the emphasis is always placed on trust. With our global footprint, our customers are assured of the very best service wherever they may be located.

Nothing goes to waste when using our ITAD service. We ensure that your retired IT equipment does not end up in a landfill where it can cause harm to the environment and E-waste recycling is integrated into everything that we do as a trusted data destruction service provider.

Why Choose Wisetek

  • Nationwide Coverage

    Nationwide Coverage

    With a large global footprint, Wisetek is always at hand to take care of your secure data destruction needs wherever your location in Europe. Wisetek owns and operates several IT Asset Disposition hubs in the UK, Ireland, and continental Europe.

  • One-Stop ITAD Solutions

    One-Stop ITAD Solutions

    Wisetek offers a single point of contact for all your ITAD needs. We offer a wide range of IT asset disposition services, including hard drive destruction, device re-marketing, and certified recycling. Our services make it possible for you to extract the full value of your IT assets across their respective lifecycles.

  • Creation of On-Point CSR Strategies

    Creation of On-Point CSR Strategies

    Wisetek uses a circular economy model to help your organisation to dispose of retired IT assets effectively and economically. Most importantly, Wisetek enables your organisation to dispose of IT devices without harming the environment.

  • Guaranteed Trust & Transparency

    Guaranteed Trust & Transparency

    At Wisetek, we do not expect customers to blindly place their trust in us, instead, we try to earn it. We focus on maintaining transparency during the entire data destruction process and we provide customers with video evidence of total data destruction. Our end-to-end service leaves nothing to chance so you can have total peace of mind.

  • Hassle-Free Compliance

    Hassle-Free Compliance

    Remaining compliant with the ever-evolving privacy laws can be an annoying experience. At Wisetek we ensure that you remain fully compliant without effort. As a globally certified ITAD service provider, we know which data destruction methods to employ so that you remain compliant with all the local data protection regulations.

  • Adaptable Pricing

    Adaptable Pricing

    At Wisetek we understand that your business is unique so we offer flexible pricing that meets your needs. The IT asset disposition landscape is a quick changing environment and we understand the importance of being able to adapt to the requirements of individual businesses in terms of services and pricing.

Experts In

Our Full Suite of Data Destruction Services

Solid-State Media Destruction

Solid-state drives may represent a challenge for other ITAD companies, but not for Wisetek. We use NSA-approved disintegrators to effectively and permanently destroy any data stored on SSDs. With Wisetek as your IT asset disposal partner, you can enjoy all the benefits that solid-state drives offer without having to worry about the challenges they pose when it comes to secure data destruction.

secure data destruction company

Onsite Data Destruction

Sometimes only maximum-security will do, that is why Wisetek provides an onsite hard drive shredding service. With our mobile shredding vehicles, we can complete the entire data destruction process on your premises. The hard drives never need to leave the premises which means the process is as secure as it can be. We employ state-of-the-art self-powered mobile rigs that incorporate NSA-approved destruction equipment, secure access doors, and real-time GPS tracking.

secure data destruction company

Secure Data Destruction Service

As a leading global data shredding service provider, you can rest assured that Wisetek uses only the best practices to permanently delete data. Naturally, we are fully certified by local and global certification bodies. Amongst others, we are R2, ISO-14001, and OHSAS 18001 certified. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and ensure that your data is destroyed in a fully compliant manner, whatever the current compliance regulations may be. In addition, we are also an E Stewards certified recycling service provider so you can be confident that your e-waste will not end up in a landfill.

Secure Data Destruction Service

Global & Local Data Destruction Partner

Wisetek has a global footprint. This means that we can draw on the expertise of working worldwide while still being just as customer-oriented and accessible as a local service provider. We also have a clear understanding of the local regulations, including those applicable to the EU and we have established operating centres in the EMEA and APAC regions.

Your Global but Local Data Destruction Service Provider

Full Audit Trails

It has become standard practice to have audit trails in place for IT assets. This is especially important in larger companies with significant numbers of IT equipment. Wisetek offers full IT asset audit trails which include reporting and certificates of compliance. Reporting functions cover a variety of fields, including logistics tracking, destruction certificates, and downstream vendor traceability.

Full Audit Trails

How Data Destruction Benefits You

The level of data in circulation is rapidly increasing, and will only increase as we move into the future. This is why a need for data destruction exists. Much of the data in circulation is sensitive and protected under legislation like the GDPR. Data privacy laws envisage large financial penalties for companies who neglect their responsibilities as caretakers of this data and falling victim to a fine under the GDPR could easily lead to financial ruin. Organisations can spend with to £2.9 million recovering from security incidents, not to mention the time also spent on recovering from such incidents.

Destroying data at the end of its life allows companies to save on IT asset bills and, in some cases, even rent for data centre premises. Furthermore, having as little data as possible available reduces the amount of data that could potentially be exposed if a hacker gains unauthorised access to files. Having a solid data destruction policy in place and securely destroying data also protects the reputation of your company. Customers prefer to entrust their personal data to companies with a proven track record of responsible data stewardship.

In the broader sense, responsible data destruction is also good for the environment. Data centres consume vast amounts of electricity. This electricity is often generated by burning fossil fuels which are harmful to the environment and ultimately unsustainable. If less data requires storage space in data centres around the world, less energy is required to run those data centres and manufacture the equipment that they use. However, these benefits only come into play when you use a data destruction service provider that is committed to following established best practices for IT recycling and e-stewardship.

The Importance of Data Destruction

Laws that govern the protection of personal data have established that data should only be kept for as long as is absolutely necessary, and should only be used for narrowly defined specific purposes. When the amount of data gathered on individuals and companies worldwide daily is taken into consideration, it is easy to see why there is a need for data destruction, and how failing to have a good data destruction policy in place can damage a business. While securely destroying data is required by law, many ethical considerations underline the importance of data destruction.

From a business perspective, the most significant reasons for the destruction of data are to remain compliant with legislation, avoid financial penalties and retain the trust of customers. It is also important to consider that the cost of having data destroyed professionally pales in comparison with the potential fines that can be issued in the event of a data breach. Data destruction protects the company, its employees, and customers against the actions of hackers and keeps the company on the ethical high ground.

It is important to remember that data destruction should always be carried out by a professional data erasure service provider such as Wisetek. This ensures that data is irrecoverable after deletion and that all the required regulatory obligations have been satisfied. A data destruction certificate should be obtained after hard drive destruction to serve as proof that your company has discharged all of its responsibilities under the law.

Data Destruction Regulations

The protection of personal data is an issue that has recently been receiving more attention, especially in the European Union. Measures like the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation have been introduced to protect consumers against data misuse. The GDPR in particular envisages serious financial penalties for any company that does not take adequate measures to protect customer data.

Data destruction regulations do not just focus on the protection of data. There are also regulations in place that govern the exact way in which data should be disposed of to protect the environment. For example, e-waste should not end up in a landfill where it can and will damage the environment, instead decommissioned devices should be recycled or otherwise repurposed. Data destruction is a relatively new concept, not too long ago it was perfectly acceptable for data and storage media to be dumped at the local landfill. Because of this, data destruction regulations are still evolving and changing rapidly to keep up with the pace of advances in technology.

An important part of data destruction regulations is making sure that ITAD service providers remain compliant with the regulations. This is achieved through rigorous certification programs that serve as confirmation that a particular service provider follows industry best practices. Some examples of these certifications include R2 ( Responsible Recycling ), ISO ( International Standards Organisation ), and e-Stewards. By using a service provider who holds the above certifications, you can be sure that your data will be destroyed and disposed of in accordance with the latest data destruction regulations.

Other Services Provided

  • Manufacturing & Fulfilment

    Wisetek can assist customers with the planning and assembly of their IT infrastructure. With value-added services like supply chain management, full system testing, and direct fulfilment, Wisetek can help your company to keep both its data and hardware functioning optimally.

  • Data Centre Services

    Wisetek offers a full suite of on- and off-site data centre services. This includes conducting onsite physical audits of IT assets, IT relocation services, and the secure decommissioning of IT devices.

  • Reverse Logistics

    Our Reverse Logistics support services prompts new product sales for our customers through our logistics, material recovery and ITAD processes.

  • Asset Disposition

    We guarantee excellence as a world-class IT Asset Disposition provider and manufacturing services.

  • Certified Recycling

    Protecting the environment is key to Wisetek’s activities. We offer certified recycling with an auditable and transparent process. With a zero-landfill policy, you can be sure that your e-waste is disposed of properly when using Wisetek

  • Digital Reporting

    Wisetek allows customers to have a complete overview of all ongoing data destruction and recycling processes via an online portal. From here customers can access reports and manage their interaction with Wisetek

Data Destruction Policy FAQ's

What is a Data Destruction Policy?

Data destruction policies are a set of rules or SOPs ( Standard Operating Procedures ) that a company follows when destroying data. By following the established best practices, a company can ensure that the data it holds on customers is managed responsibly and in accordance with local and international regulations on data protection. Unfortunately, data destruction policies are not always given the importance that they should have within organisations and this can lead to data ending up in the wrong hands.

What Should Be Considered When Creating a Data Destruction Policy?

A good data destruction policy starts with knowing exactly which IT assets your company uses at every point in time. This can be achieved by creating an inventory of your IT assets and then regularly performing audits to ensure that the inventory stays up to date. Your DDP should also include parameters for determining when data becomes redundant and should be destroyed, this should be determined in accordance with local regulations. You should also include detailed procedures on the collection and destruction of data which should be backed up with meticulous record-keeping and certificates of destruction and responsible disposal.

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