IT equipment plays a significant part in almost every aspect of our lives. From devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets and phones to back office equipment running in data centres our lives are enhanced with such technology. The challenge for proper management of redundant IT equipment has never been greater and their deployment continues to increase with the Internet of Things, and their data capabilities increasing.

Wisetek offers expert-led IT Asset Management and Disposition (ITAD) services worldwide.

Wisetek customers trust us with this challenge, confident that we will ensure correct data and equipment handling, and maximize the financial potential of any redundant IT asset.

Our Service Expertise Includes:

IT Asset Audit & Removal

  • Systematic and secure decommission and removal of retired IT assets
  • Full chain of custody tracking of inventory of equipment from pick up to re-sale or recycling
  • Online portal for live tracking or report access available

Data Sanitisation Services

Secure on-and-off site data erasure and disk shredding. Supply of video files of destruction for auditing proposes and real-time asset tracking

Our world leading data destruction services include both data erasure and device destruction, both on our customers site, or at Wisetek facilities.

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Data Destruction

Global Re-Marketing

Our clients trust in Wisetek’s ability to achieve maximum monetary return for their assets. This is achieved through a combination of:

  • Worldwide team of experienced sellers, with full visibility of all Wisetek inventory at any facility
  • Retail sales channels through eCommerce platforms and storefronts
  • IT trusted buyer network for solution providers and 3rd Party support companies
  • Distribution Channel to access integrators
  • Wholesale and Broker markets – Wisetek move millions of devices annually and trade with all major Wholesalers and Brokers

Destructive Recycling

Wisetek are committed to the enhancement of our environment, and engage with all of our clients seeking to employ the circular economy principles. We do however recognize that assured destruction is necessary on some occasions and provide a full suite of destruction and recycling services for our clients. These services include the manual or machine destruction of assets, verified via video or in person by our clients if required. All output material is catalogued and sent to downstream refiners and recyclers to ensure recovery of materials.

Wisetek ReturnTEK End User Management Portal

Wisetek’s ReturnTek innovative client services portal provides IT equipment users with a comprehensive services model to ensure all returning materials are analysed, valued, collected, reconciled and processed efficiently at optimal cost.

In addition to this, full track and trace are assured. This maximises the overall realisable value from returning products and parts.

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