• 13.7M
    Disk drives erased, certified and destroyed
  • 19.2M
    Parts recorded
    and processed
  • €1.75B
    Components recovered for reuse

IT equipment plays a significant part in almost every aspect of our lives. From devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets and phones to back office equipment running in data centres our lives are enhanced with such technology. The challenge for proper management of redundant IT equipment has never been greater and their deployment continues to increase with the Internet of Things, and their data capabilities increasing.

Wisetek offers expert-led IT Asset Disposition and Management services worldwide.

Wisetek customers trust us with this challenge, confident that we will ensure correct data and equipment handling, and maximise the financial potential of any redundant IT asset.


IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and End of Life (EOL) asset professionally managed on a global scale and with a single point of contact

For over 40 years, this leading IT procurement and IT service company have been helping organisations realise their potential by providing the IT expertise, solutions and services which give them the perpetual edge.

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Why Choose Wisetek

For Your IT Asset Disposition

  • Flexible Pricing

    Flexible Pricing

    We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all pricing, and neither should you. Pay for the exact services your organisation requires with our flexible pricing schemes designed to provide superior value for IT Asset Disposition services.

  • Reliable and Secure

    Reliable & Secure

    Our certified data destruction processes are reliable and secure. We provide complete audit trails, video evidence and certificates of data destruction, and secure data destruction methods that render data irretrievable.

  • Return on Investment

    Maximum ROI

    Through our global re-marketing network, we endeavour to maximise IT asset return on investment for all redundant IT assets. Reduce waste, encourage equipment reuse, and recoup funds spent on IT equipment.

  • Global Solutions

    Global Solutions

    We are a truly global organisation with operations centres in USA, Europe, and Asia along with sales offices and 3rd party partners around the world.

  • Bespoke Client Solutions

    Bespoke Client Solutions

    Our clients operate in many different sectors and industries, so our bespoke services are flexible to meet the demanding ITAD needs of all organisations no matter the scale or scope of operations.

  • Global Certifications

    Global Certifications

    We are proud of our standards compliance and certifications with international organisations such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, R2, e-Stewards, Weelabex, DLA Logistics Information Server, and Wisetek Sustainable EARTH. See Certificates

Experts in

IT Asset Disposition Services

IT Asset Audit & Removal

  • Systematic and secure decommission and removal of retired IT assets
  • Full chain of custody tracking of inventory of equipment from pick up to re-sale or recycling
  • Online portal for live tracking or report access available
IT Asset Disposition audit

Data Sanitisation Services

Secure on-and-off site data erasure and hard drive disk shredding. Supply of video files of destruction for auditing proposes and real-time asset tracking

Our world leading data destruction services include both data erasure and device destruction, both on our customers site, or at Wisetek facilities.

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IT Asset Disposition data destroy

Global Re-Marketing

Our clients trust in Wisetek’s ability to achieve maximum monetary return for their assets. This is achieved through a combination of:

  • Worldwide team of experienced sellers, with full visibility of all Wisetek inventory at any facility
  • Retail sales channels through eCommerce platforms and storefronts
  • IT trusted buyer network for solution providers and 3rd Party support companies
  • Distribution Channel to access integrators
  • Wholesale and Broker markets – Wisetek move millions of devices annually and trade with all major Wholesalers and Brokers

Destructive Recycling

Wisetek are committed to the enhancement of our environment, and engage with all of our clients seeking to employ the circular economy principles. We do however recognize that assured destruction is necessary on some occasions and provide a full suite of data destruction and recycling services for our clients. These services include the manual or machine destruction of assets, verified via video or in person by our clients if required. All output material is catalogued and sent to downstream refiners and recyclers to ensure recovery of materials.

IT Asset Disposition Company

Wisetek ReturnTEK End User Management Portal

Wisetek’s ReturnTek innovative client services portal provides IT equipment users with a comprehensive services model to ensure all returning materials are analysed, valued, collected, reconciled and processed efficiently at optimal cost.

In addition to this, full track and trace are assured. This maximises the overall realisable value from returning products and parts.

Certified Equipment Destruction

We understand that there are times when recycling and resale is not an option. Assured destruction will protect your business’s data from getting into the wrong hands. Wisetek offers a full suite of destruction and electronic recycling services, across several continents, with certified recycling, that can be verified by video or in-person as required. 

Here are some of those certifications: R2 – Responsible Recycling, e-Stewards, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO 45001, WEEELABEX, DLA Logistics Information Service, Wisetek Sustainable EARTH – Our own in-house accreditation. 

IT Asset Disposition Company

Data Centre Services

Data centres have a notoriously short lifecycle, and frequent upgrades often leave IT teams, with the complicated task of securely decommissioning old hardware. Wisetek has the tools and experience to take care of your retired data centre assets, whether through re-marketing or recycling, destructive or otherwise

Data Centre Services
Data Centre Services

Worldwide Partnerships & Coverage

Finding an IT asset disposition provider to work within a global economy can be difficult. With facilities all over the world, Wisetek is ready to take care of our client’s information technology asset disposition needs regardless of scale and location. Our fleet of mobile hard drive shredding vehicles can provide this service across several continents. With a comprehensive portfolio of services at our disposal, no task is too large. 

IT Asset Disposition - Worldwide Partnerships and Coverage

IT Asset Disposition - FAQ’s

Worldwide Partnerships & Coverage

Global organisations deal with massive amounts of data and IT assets to remain competitive and to provide superior services to their clients, which is why IT asset disposition has become a critical service in recent decades. What is IT asset disposition and why do organisations require robust ITAD services?

Devices such as PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and data centre servers have all made our lives easier, but they do pose a challenge when it comes to managing the rotation of redundant IT assets safely and securely.

Data breaches from improperly discarded devices can cost millions, whilst compromising the reputation and goodwill of the business. It is therefore crucial that redundant IT equipment is properly disposed of in a secure manner whilst meeting corporate social responsibility goals of environmental stewardship through recycling when possible.

Wisetek’s clients trust our secure and compliant processes. We are committed to the secure and thorough destruction of data as well as the provision of secure IT asset disposition services that maximise your financial return on investment and manage the logistics of your IT assets securely.

The Importance of IT Asset Disposition Certification

The IT asset disposition market has boomed in recent decades, mostly due to the steep rise in severe cyberattacks and costly data breaches, which in 2021 have reached their highest point in the past 17 years. The need for safe, secure IT asset disposition services has perhaps never been greater for global organisations.

Whenever your organisation requires data shredding services or IT disposal services, ensure that your IT asset disposition company provides your organisation with IT asset disposition certificates. Certification, such as data destruction certificates and video verification of data erasure provide reassurance that, in the event of an audit, your organisation has maintained compliance and due diligence with regards to secure data destruction.

Wisetek provides clients with data destruction certificates and a clear audit trail. Rest assured that our IT asset disposition processes are secure, not only by taking our word for it but by holding comprehensive records and certificates of data destruction for each and every IT asset we process.

How to Select the Right ITAD Provider

With the cost of data breaches increasing worldwide to an average of $4.37 million (about €3.72 million), as well as their increasing frequency and severity, choosing the right ITAD provider is an important, necessary step towards mitigating risk vectors and remaining compliant with regulations in the EU such as the GDPR as well as data disposal laws.

IT asset disposition companies must be reputable and reliable, with a truly global reach, online process portals, top-notch security, ISO-certified, provide excellent ROI on redundant IT assets, all whilst reducing electronic waste. Features such as a circular economy model and a commitment to a zero-landfill policy are also highly beneficial.

Wisetek fulfils all of these criteria, thus making us your organisation’s ideal choice for secure, reliable IT asset disposition services. We provide clients with IT asset disposition services such as data erasure, IT asset disposal, hard drive destruction, data centre decommissioning services, secure data destruction services, and more.

IT Asset Disposition and the Circular Economy Model

All along the supply chain of modern economies, from raw resource extraction to production, distribution, retail, end-users, and ultimately to disposal as unrecyclable waste, there are opportunities to reduce, reuse, and/or recycle IT assets in whole or in part. That’s where Wisetek’s Circular Economy model fits in.

We are committed to a zero-landfill policy that eliminates needless electronic waste, a global problem currently at a point of crisis. To this end, we engage in IT equipment recycling and we are e-Stewards certified recyclers. Redundant IT assets can also be refurbished and resold globally with our extensive network of resellers, further reducing electronic waste.

Our commitment to a zero-landfill policy by means of a circular economy model not only contributes to solving the global electronic waste problem, but it’s also an excellent way of improving your organisation’s efforts towards environmental stewardship as part of a holistic corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy.


Cork Chamber has used Wisetek for a number of years now for our ITAD needs. Once contacted they come on-site, take away old hardware, and provide a data destruction certificate. I have always found the team at Wisetek very professional, courteous, and easy to deal with and I would highly recommend them for any of the services they offer.

Naoimh Frawley, Director of People, Operations & Governance, Cork Chamber

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