IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset Disposition

Wisetek customers enjoy the fact that we provide a complete end-to-end managed service for the disposal of their retired IT equipment. For many customers, the starting point is to determine exactly what IT assets they have and how efficiently are they being deployed. Such information provides accurate data to support future IT hardware investment, utilization and equipment retirement plans. In order to address this requirement, we developed our AudIT service offering.

When it comes to equipment retirement decisions, our customers request the disposition of their services. Immediately Wisetek appoint a specific project manager to ensure everything runs smoothly. The customer has the added assurance that all elements of the equipment decommissioning, data destruction and collection of equipment is managed through Wisetek’s innovative ReturnTEK customer project management and tracking portal.

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One of the key benefits of Wisetek is the added level of reassurance our clients get from using advanced security, asset tracking and environment reporting systems. Wisetek’s ReturnTEK service provides IT equipment vendors with a comprehensive services model that ensures all returning materials are analyzed, valued, collected, reconciled and processed efficiently at optimal cost. In addition to this, full track and trace is assured. This maximizes the overall corporate value that can possibly be realized from returning products and parts.


Wisetek provide the service to physically audit IT equipment at our clients’ facilities in order to support IT optimization and transformation projects. The challenge faced by many of our clients when undertaking IT projects is a lack of accurate reports representing the physical reality of the equipment on site, particularly as many of these facilities are spread globally and may not have the IT resources to perform such audits. IT engineering, DCIM and network crawlers have their part to play, but for a variety of reasons, a real time physical assessment is required to support accurate transformation decisions.

Wisetek specializes in supporting the lifecycle of enterprise IT equipment including the capability to perform physical onsite audits of any type of enterprise IT equipment. Wisetek perform a complete physical inventory of every site and prepare detailed reports. Whilst on-site, the Audit-IT team will also document equipment removal access details.

Find out for yourself just how easy it is to monetize your used IT assets and safely dispose of sensitive data. But act now, because used memory, server and networking equipment loses value every day and becomes increasingly difficult to repurpose.